PLEASE NOTE: This competition is now closed. We’d like to thank everyone who entered for their wonderful videos. Stay tuned for the results!

Monroe Drive Safe Video Competition

Monroe has been keeping drivers safe on the road for 100 years. Now, we invite YOU to show us how YOU would educate people about driver and road safety. What does DRIVE SAFE mean to you? How would you explain it to other people?

We want you to create a short video with the theme DRIVE SAFE. Use your creative skills to show how you would inform and educate drivers to drive more safely. The video can be in any style you like – live action, animated, infographic, dramatic, funny, documentary style – the choice is yours. It just needs to get its message across in 30 seconds or less.

Open to everyone in Australia and New Zealand

Doing media studies at high school? Studying filmmaking at uni? Working as a creative professional? Great! But you don’t need to be studying or working in the area of graphic design, motion graphics, film, advertising or associated industries to enter. You just need to creatively interpret what DRIVE SAFE means to YOU. What do you think it means to DRIVE SAFE?

Simple rules

  • Create a video that focuses on the theme DRIVE SAFE.
  • Videos should be no more than 30 seconds in total duration. Your video can be as short as 10 seconds if you feel it creatively and successfully communicates DRIVE SAFE.
  • Videos must be able to be uploaded to YouTube, so they must comply with YouTube’s content guidelines.
  • Videos must be original and not use copyrighted video or audio material from other sources.
  • Entry is open to anyone resident in Australia or New Zealand regardless of age or experience.
  • Entrants under the age of 16 must have the permission of a parent or guardian.
  • Entries must be suitable for general viewing.

How to enter

Step 1

Register for the competition using the form above. We’ll use your contact details to send you reminders as the competition period progresses.


Step 2

Create your video of 30 seconds or less focusing on the theme DRIVE SAFE, ensuring that you’ve read the rules and your video complies with the Terms and conditions of the Monroe Drive Safe Video Competition, and that it’s suitable for general viewing on YouTube.

Step 3

When your video is ready, visit the link supplied in your registration email to complete our Monroe Drive Safe Video Competition Entry Form. You’ll then be sent an email with a special link where you can upload your finished video file for judging.

We’ll add a set of short titles to suitable entries promoting the competition with the entrant’s name. These will then be posted on our YouTube channel and Facebook page. You may of course also post your video to your own social media, and if we post your video, don’t forget to tell all your friends and followers!

The competition closes on 10 February 2017. Videos must be successfully uploaded by the end of 10 February 2017 in order to be eligible.

Terms and conditions of the Monroe Drive Safe Video Competition

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Watch the video

View the entries

Drive Safe by Ricky Monserrat

This is "Drive Safe" by Ricky Monserrat. Ricky is the owner-operator of Blackwood Dyno Tune & Service in SA. You can view Ricky's entry below. If you fancy having a go yourself, there are some great prizes to be won. The competition closes on 10 February 2017....

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Driving Is Not A Game by Jordan Josic

This is "Driving Is Not A Game" by Jordan Josic. Jordan says this is "A short film about driving safe and the dangers of treating it like a game. #DriveSafe" You can view Jordan's entry below. If you fancy having a go yourself, there are some great prizes to be won....

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Don’t Hurt Yourself by Nick Withford

This is "Don't Hurt Yourself" by Nick Withford. Nick says, "To me, by driving unsafely you may as well be harming yourself physically. My video explores this by contrasting the character boxing himself and also driving unsafely. It applies to the theme in very general...

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On Board Nanna by Kyan Rowse

This is "On Board Nanna" by Kyan Rowse. Kyan says, "Oliver Barton is caught texting and driving. So he is assigned an On Board Nanna to critique his driving." You can view Kyan's entry below. If you fancy having a go yourself, there are some great prizes to be won....

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Reduce the Rage by Jacob Drummond

This is "Reduce the Rage" by Jacob Drummond. Jacob says, "We all know how frustrating it is when somebody is tailgating you just because you're going a couple of K's below the speed limit. Or maybe when you are in the other drivers seat and you are following someone...

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Change the Term, Challenge Our Mindset by Jacob Drummond

This is "Change the Term, Challenge Our Mindset" by Jacob Drummond. Jacob says, "To put it as the wise Sargent Angel once did 'Official Vocabulary no longer refers to car crashes as accidents: They are now called collisions. "Accident" implies there's nobody to...

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Drive Safe The Definitive Answer by Lorna Button

This is "Drive Safe The Definitive Answer" by Lorna Button. Lorna describes her video as "A Compilation of video cuts asking the interviewees their take on your question 'What does #DriveSafe mean to you?'" You can view Lorna's entry below. If you fancy having a go...

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Vehicle Maintenance & Safety by Scott Jackson

This is "Vehicle Maintenance & Safety" by Scott Jackson. Scott says, "This video aims to inform the viewer about the importance of vehicle maintenance and the impact it can have on vehicle safety, promoting the theme #DriveSafe." You can view Scott's entry below....

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Share the Road… by Matthew Cheesman

This is "Share the Road…" by Matthew Cheesman. As Matthew says, "This video entails a cyclist and a driver on the road, and finally due to driver error the cyclist is hit and killed (this contains no graphic scenes and is portrayed through the use of sound). This...

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Your Driving Choices Can Have Consequences by Alex Morgan

This is "Your Driving Choices Can Have Consequences" by Alex Morgan. Alex tells us, "My video clip explores how every driver makes choices once they are behind the wheel. These choices may be positive or negative and depending on the situation, a driver's conscience...

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They Are Coming by Luke Bryant

Luke Bryant's video is in the form of a warning message from out of this world: "The aliens are ready, now we need to be." You can view Luke’s entry below. If you fancy having a go yourself, there are some great prizes to be won. The competition closes on 10 February...

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Tips for a Safer, Smoother Drive! by Connor Russell

This animated entry is by Connor Russell, who says, "My name is Connor Russell and I am a sixteen year old learner driver from Sydney! My entry is a short infographic demonstrating some basic but highly important tips to achieve a safer, smoother ride. Drive safe!"...

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Top Tips to Drive Safe by Georgia Bruin

This animated entry is by Georgia Bruin, who says, "My video is about what "drive safe" means to me. It means be responsible with driving not just your driving but others also. I have what I think are some of the most important tips to keep everyone on the road safe."...

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Drive Safe on a Personal Level by Luke Kelly

This entry is called "Drive Safe on a Personal Level" and it's by Luke Kelly. Luke tells us that in it, he explores and analyses the circular nature of the statement 'drive safe'. You can view Luke's entry below. If you fancy having a go yourself, there are some great...

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What does DRIVE SAFE mean to Mark “Frosty” Winterbottom?

Monroe Safety Ambassador, V8 Supercars driver and all-round good bloke Mark "Frosty" Winterbottom has very kindly shot us a short video about what DRIVE SAFE means to him, even though he's not eligible to win a prize! If you fancy having a go yourself, there are some...

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