Good Practice While Driving

When you get behind the wheel of a car, you have very important responsibilities. Many of these are grounded in law and you will be required to know them in order to get a driver’s license.

However, there are other facts and tips that will help you be a better, safer, more responsible driver and road user. Your responsibilities start before you even turn the key in the ignition and they only end when you have exited your vehicle.

Our Good Practice blog will provide you with lots of advice that’s sensible, easy to follow, and a reminder of things that may be easy to forget.

Monroe is here to help you Drive Safe, so please come back regularly for more Good Practice ideas and tips.

Tips to Optimise Fuel Efficiency

Did you know that keeping your vehicle well maintained can affect fuel consumption by as much as 20% Drivers can no longer rely on the petrol price cycle to buy fuel at the lowest prices. However, regardless of fuel prices, it is good practice to get the very best...

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Avoid Driving In High Heels – Here’s An Alternative

Driving in high heels can be a dangerous practice, although many women continue to do it. High heels are very much part of life for many women especially those in corporate roles. It's easy to just jump in the car with your heels on as that's how you've dressed for...

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What To Do If You Step In Diesel

Be careful when you pull into a service station… You are entering an area used by thousands of people every week. And those people will be filling their vehicles, checking oil, adding water, checking tyre pressure – a myriad of activities. And for each of those...

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