It’s never nice to hear a strange sound in your car!

Sometimes the sound may be unconstrained items in the boot or storage panels, so check them first. Listen for any unusual sounds and wind down the window so you can hear potential sounds from outside the vehicle.

It’s also good practice to sometimes drive without disturbances, such as a car radio or chatty passengers.

Take note of whether the sound is consistent or if it only occurs when you go over bumps or around corners. Persistent noises must be inspected by a professional.

Easily recognisable sounds are

  • Fan belt – a squealing fan belt should be replaced immediately
  • Faulty bearings – a rhythmic clicking may indicate faulty bearings. Also, check that a small stone has not lodged in the tread
  • Knocking engine – this may mean you need to change down gears. However, persistent knocking means it’s time to have your engine and engine oil checked
  • Backfiring – this is not normal and could indicate serious problems. Get it checked immediately
  • Engine tone change – if you have been driving for a long time at a constant speed, then this may indicate that your engine is overheating. Let the car cool down, check water levels and your radiator. Try varying the engine speed to see if the issue goes away. If not, then do get your car checked by a professional
  • Turning click – if you notice a clicking noise when you turn the front wheels then you need to have your front shaft checked immediately

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