Did you know that keeping your vehicle well maintained can affect fuel consumption by as much as 20%

Drivers can no longer rely on the petrol price cycle to buy fuel at the lowest prices. However, regardless of fuel prices, it is good practice to get the very best mileage from your vehicle. There are several aspects of driving and maintaining your vehicle that will contribute to optimising your fuel consumption.


Here are some tips to help optimise your fuel efficiency

  • Drive within the speed limits and avoid excessive speeding and braking
  • Check the fuel efficiency of cars and SUVs when you plan to purchase a new vehicle
  • Investigate fully products that claim to be fuel saving additives as few have been proven to provide great savings
  • Keep your tyres inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications as under-inflated tyres are not fuel efficient
  • Use your air-conditioning wisely as overuse can affect your fuel consumption by up to 25%
  • Schedule trips and errands around lighter traffic flow times if possible
  • Plan your travel so you can undertake shopping, drop-offs, pick-ups, sports practice, meetings, and errands efficiently
  • Don’t carry heavy items in your car or boot if you don’t have to. Lighten the load your car carries
  • Reduce the drag on your vehicle, where possible, by closing windows and removing roof, bike, ski, and luggage racks when not in use
  • Fill up your vehicle at the coolest time of the day as this is when petrol is the densest
  • Trust the auto-shutoff as over filling your car will waste petrol
  • When travelling down a long, straight road or freeway use the cruise control where possible
  • Don’t idle with the engine on as, after about 30 seconds, this uses more petrol than re-starting your vehicle
  • Anticipate when you have to stop, because the less you stop the more fuel efficient your vehicle will be
  • Have the correct type and size of tyre fitted to your vehicle
  • Accelerate steadily up hills as hard acceleration will use more fuel
  • Drive less, walk more