Monroe Video winners and entrants in the recent Monroe Drive Safe Video Competition impressed the judges with astute and compelling message to ‘Drive Safe’.

It’s safe to say that the Drive Safe Video Competition was a runaway success with highly creative and well thought-out videos submitted from all over Australia. The level was so high that the Judges found it tough to find the Monroe video winners.

Monroe Australia wanted to encourage people to think about what it means to drive safely. So the only condition was that a video entry must have a drive safe message. Other than that stipulation, and that videos be no longer than 30 seconds, entrants could submit whatever idea that inspired them. This ‘no rules’ approach allowed entrants to have true control over their creativity as they were NOT required to mention Monroe Australia or shock absorbers.

monroe video winners

Congratulations to everyone who entered. You should be very proud of the high-quality, creativity, and the level of engagement of your video.

Monroe Video Winners!

See the top 3 Monroe video winners by clicking their name below. You can see all the entries here.

First Prize:

Lorna Button – Drive Safe. The Definitive Answer

Second Prize:

Alex Morgan – Your Driving Choices Can Have Consequences

Third Prize:

Scott Jackson – Vehicle Maintenance & Safety

Congratulations again to all our winners and to everyone who entered. You should be very proud of yourselves.

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