Driving in high heels can be a dangerous practice, although many women continue to do it.

High heels are very much part of life for many women especially those in corporate roles. It’s easy to just jump in the car with your heels on as that’s how you’ve dressed for the day.

However, driving in high heels can provide opportunities for unsafe or dangerous driving. Heels can get stuck in loose car mats or become wedged under a pedal depending on the height of the heel. Driving in high heels makes shoes slipping off the pedal more likely and they are more difficult to walk in if you do have an accident. You’ll be in shock if you are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident, so the last thing you need is to be teetering around an accident scene.

Wedge heels are almost the worst option as they are clunkier and less easy to quickly manoeuvre than other types of heels. And perhaps the worse thing about driving in high heels is that the heels themselves can easily be snagged or ripped along the heel. Stilletos, in particular, are prone to tears along the back of the heel due to being pressed on and moved along floor mats and rubber inserts.

Don’t drive in high heels – do this instead

If you must walk to your car in high heels, at least don’t drive in them. Keep a pair of ballet flats either in your car or with your car keys. You can easily purchase a soft pair of ballet flats that can be rolled up and put in your handbag.

These types of ballet flats are not good for walking around as they don’t provide enough foot support. But they are excellent as driving shoes. Especially when they can curl up in the corner of your handbag or dash. Try scuffing the soles with some sandpaper so they provide extra grip on the pedals.

And extra tip .. ssshhhh.

And just between you and me, slather your feet in moisturiser, slip on socks, and wear old flat shoes in the car – with the socks on. You’ll be giving yourself a mini-pedi while you drive. When you arrive at your destination ready to slip on your fabulous sandals, your feet will be perfectly presented.