About the Monroe Drive Safe Campaign

Monroe Shock Absorbers have been keeping drivers safe on the road since 1916. Our shock absorbers have been fitted to millions of vehicles in Australia, helping their wheels stay in contact with the road.

The safety of you, your car and other road users is of optimum importance to Monroe. And it’s not simply about shock absorbers. It’s about how shock absorbers interact with other safety features in your car. It’s also about safety from driveway to roadway, at the service station, off-road, and in the car.

Monroe’s commitment to Drive Safe includes regular social media posts with safety tips, our sponsorship of Fatality Free Friday and this new website to bring you all the news on Drive Safe. You’ll find fresh blog posts to help you understand all aspects of driving a car, competitions to enter and great prizes to win. Why? Because Drive Safe is not just about selling shock absorbers – it’s about the genuine care Monroe has for all road users.

We are committed to road safety, and if that means giving away free stuff to help you be a safer driver then that’s what we’ll do.

That’s not to minimise the absolute importance of shock absorbers and the vital role they play in the safety of your vehicle. Shock absorbers, as the name suggests, absorb the shocks that would otherwise shudder through your car when wheels are in contact with the road surface. They are an important part of your vehicle but are often overlooked and forgotten. Over time shock absorbers WILL wear out due to variable road conditions and other car safety factors such as tyres.

As shock absorbers help to keep your tyres in contact with the road, it’s important to have them checked when you have your car serviced.

Did you know that Monroe manufactures shock absorbers right here is Australia? Our shock absorbers are designed for Australian road conditions, so you can be confident that the Monroe shock absorbers fitted to your vehicle by one of our Safety Specialists will be the right ones for YOU.

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