The Monroe Drive Safe website has been developed by Monroe as a driving safety information resource to help keep Australian roads a safe place to drive. We hope that you will find the website informative and useful.

Monroe’s Commitment to Safe Driving

Monroe’s vision is to pioneer global ideas for cleaner, quieter and safer transportation. Starting in 1919, Monroe led a revolution in driving with the development of the shock absorber, the first original equipment installed in passenger vehicles. Since then, Monroe’s shock absorber developments have enhanced the road safety of millions of road users worldwide.

Shock absorbers help keep your vehicle’s wheels on the road, and as there’s a Monroe shock absorber suitable for virtually any road vehicle, Australian motorists can enjoy their journey in safety and control. In fact, more Australian cars have Monroe shock absorbers on their vehicle than any other brand.

Latest Drive Safe Posts

Monroe Video Winners Nail The Drive Safe Messages

Monroe Video winners and entrants in the recent Monroe Drive Safe Video Competition impressed the judges with astute and compelling message to 'Drive Safe'. It's safe to say that the Drive Safe Video Competition was a runaway success with highly creative and well...

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Drive Safe on a Personal Level by Luke Kelly

This entry is called "Drive Safe on a Personal Level" and it's by Luke Kelly. Luke tells us that in it, he explores and analyses the circular nature of the statement 'drive safe'. You can view Luke's entry below. If you fancy having a go yourself, there are some great...

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Information On Your Tyres

A key safety aspect of any vehicle is the tyres. When properly maintained, your tyres play a large part in keeping you safe on the road, so here are a few things you should check: Tread Wear Traction Temperature Resistance Their Maximum Load Capacity The Speed Symbol...

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Tips to Optimise Fuel Efficiency

Did you know that keeping your vehicle well maintained can affect fuel consumption by as much as 20% Drivers can no longer rely on the petrol price cycle to buy fuel at the lowest prices. However, regardless of fuel prices, it is good practice to get the very best...

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Advice And Tips On Braking Safety

Braking may not seem to be such a big deal. Just apply the brake, right? Well actually, keeping safe on the road and braking properly is more of an art than you might think. Seven great braking tips to help keep you and other road users safe Don't constantly apply the...

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What Factors Affect Stopping Distances?

Do you know the most important factors which help drivers to stop quickly and safely? Would it surprise you to know that it's a combination of brakes, tyres, and shock absorbers?  Tyres Don't underestimate the importance of your tyres in the safe braking equation....

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Air Conditioning

As the name suggests, air-conditioning 'conditions' the air. It can cool down your car, reduce moisture content and humidity, and warm the car without increasing moisture. In fact, air-conditioning is the best way to defog a windscreen when it's cold. Air-conditioning...

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Sounds To Listen Out For

It's never nice to hear a strange sound in your car! Sometimes the sound may be unconstrained items in the boot or storage panels, so check them first. Listen for any unusual sounds and wind down the window so you can hear potential sounds from outside the vehicle....

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What Is A Brake?

If the braking system in your car fails, you and other road users are in big trouble. Brakes allow you to slow down and stop with efficiency and safety. At its simplest, a brake a mechanism which inhibits wheel motion and allows you to slow down or stop. Most modern...

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